Thursday, December 16, 2010

floor time

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The kiddos had some fun all together this morning on the floor playing with Robby.
It was so sweet to watch them loving on their baby brother. :)

aww.. how sweet!

he's so proud of him!

Ruth kept trying to put a paci in his mouth.
(he didn't want it)

Joseph got a blankie and put it over his legs.
(and he tried to give him the paci, too)

happy baby

he just loves this little toy!

i had to rotate these next two photos so you could see these sweet smiles

i love my (six week old!) little boy!!


  1. Cute and sweet.....I'm missing Leo though :) Love, Grandma Diane

  2. He's already smiling at 6 weeks? I hope my little Zoe smiles soon (she's 4 weeks today)- smiles are the best. It's the motivation to keep getting up all night long :)



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