Friday, December 3, 2010

five things i love friday - holding hands edition

This little button says it all:
I am hoping to be doing some sweet hand holding with my husband these next few days. He's been working so much this past week, but I am happy to report that he is off for the next two full days. So, I am excited that we can spend some good quality time together. And maybe even get a little date night in (with the baby, of course). One of Clint's students offered to babysit for free anytime we want her - I am totally gonna take her up on that offer! :)
I thought it would be fun to make today's "five thing I love friday" edition all about holding hands. I really enjoyed looking at all the different interpretations and images of hand-holding. Here's my top five (in no particular order)...

FOREVER IN LOVE by puntidivista


  1. This is really super cute! Thanks for putting me in there :)

  2. love the third one. ps. I like holding hands too:) Have a great weekend with your wonderful husband and kiddos.

  3. Truly delightful! I love the pictures of your family too. hugs, Allie

  4. I hold my wife's hand quite often, admittedly, most of the time it's to help her get out of a chair, out of bed or up stairs. Does that count?

  5. These are adorable!
    I love your blog and I'm passing along this award to you ... You can check it out here:

    Have a great day!



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