Friday, December 10, 2010

five things i love friday - antique iron bed edition

You know that half asleep/half awake place you are when you are starting to wake up in the morning? Well, as I was in that state today, I was daydreaming of beautiful antique iron beds. It was a strange daydream, but so serene and lovely. I guess when you're a sleep-deprived new mama, beds are a wonderful daydream to have. :)

Here's some pretty pictures of antique iron beds - aren't they just dreamy?

(If you were counting, there were 8 photos, not 5. I just couldn't narrow it down to five things. Sorry. :) )
Have a blessed Friday!


  1. Hi Lora, I''m really loving #1 and #4 so pretty and comfy looking.

  2. all of those rooms are so perfect and pretty, but the one with the brick wall behind it just floored me! it's amazing!



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