Sunday, December 5, 2010

date night

Clint and I got to have a little date night last night. One of his students kindly offered to watch the four oldest kiddos so we could go out alone with the baby. We had a fun time!

First of all, the baby slept the ENTIRE time in his carseat. I am not kidding. He woke up in the car on the way home, about five minutes from our house. It was amazing!

We decided to drive to a super-upscale mall that is about 30 minutes away from us. We put Robby in the single stroller (it felt so small since we always use the double stroller!) and walked around the mall and just enjoyed being out by ourselves. Clint loves this mall because there is a Mac store there. He could spend hours in that store, looking at all the new computer gadgets. He's so cute when he's in that store, it's like looking at a kid in a candy store! We also visited my friend Allison who's husband has a kiosk there. She got to meet the baby! And then we had dinner in the food court at my favorite place, Chick Fil A. Then, I splurged and had Haagan Daaz ice cream. ($4.96 for a small cup! - crazy, huh?) But it was totally worth every penny. Yummy!!

It was really great to just have some alone time together and talk about what's been going on in our hearts. We rarely get real time to do that, since we are so busy with the kiddos and Clint's work schedule.

i took this photo on our couch right after we got home from our date
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. date night. Ive forgotten what that is! lol! Lovely couple. Glad you got to go out. God bless you both:)



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