Thursday, November 18, 2010

second week recap

I can't believe that Robby is two weeks old today! Wow. Time has flown by!! Here's the recap of the past week:

Joseph has been adjusting very well to the addition of a new baby. He has been so sweet and loves to bring the baby his blanket or pacifier. One thing I have noticed though is that he is extra clingy to me and comes to me often for hugs and kisses. He is such a sweetheart!

Robert III is such good-natured baby! I am so thankful to the Lord for this. (Joseph was very fussy as an infant, and I specifically prayed that this time around would be easier... God has answered those prayers!) Robby is a joy to be around and God has already used this little one to show me more about His love and grace.

My mom and dad have been here with us since Sunday. My mom has cooked a bunch of dinners to put in my freezer, which has been a huge blessing! She's also been enjoying her grandchildren. I know she'll miss them so much when she goes home today!

My dad has been busy taking the older two boys around. It's been wonderful to have him take and pick up the boys from school, as well as take them on little trips to Walmart and Target. They sure have been spoiled by their Grandpa this week! He even took them out to dinner to Steak and Shake, just the three of them, last night. They had a blast.

My dad had a sweet time with Ruth and Joseph this morning. They huddled around him in the lazyboy and he read to them for quite awhile. It was really sweet!

My mom's been enjoying feeding Robby his bottle after I nurse on one side.
(This is the first time she's been able to feed one of my kiddos because I never really gave the other ones a bottle.)

Speaking of that, I am almost completely healed and will be able to nurse exclusively on both sides very soon. The pumping really worked great and gave the one hurt side the break it needed to heal. Robby is learning to latch on both sides and has almost got it now. And I am learning to give myself more grace. I am also realizing that even with this being my fifth child, I still have a lot to learn!

My parents are leaving around lunchtime, and then I will officially be on my own with the kiddos. I am actually kind of excited about learning how to manage the five children, as well as keep up with the house, take care of Clint's needs, and run my etsy shop. I know that God will give me the grace I need to do all that He's called me to do!
His grace is sufficient for me!!

Praying that you also feel His amazing grace today!



  1. your dad is rockin' the pink sweatshirt!

  2. I'm glad you're healing up! I'm so sorry about the BF issues... :(
    Also, Lora, seriously...this little man child looks like YOU!
    Jack Archer is so wonderfully easy going it, too...blows my mind everyday. Grace is so amazing. :)

  3. wow. two weeks old! so glad you have had such great help. praying for your first days on your own. you are starting with a fantastic attitude. you will do great!

    (those letters and numbers were so great. not surprised at all they sold so fast.)

  4. hey lora, what's the green color on your walls called that's in the background of the pic with your dad? i think it's the living room. i like it!



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