Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving highlights

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was a bit different this year. This was the first time since we've been married that we have not had any extended family with us at the table. My mother-in-law came up right after Robby was born for a week, and my parents came up the week after, so both sets of parents were not able to come up again for the holiday. I must say, it was kind of strange just being the seven of us. (Actually, it was just four of us for the meal. Ruth, Joseph, and Robert were all napping, so Clint and I and the two older boys ate together at the big table) It was sort of a special time with the boys though. I think they felt "grown up"...

one of Clint's co-workers brought us the beautiful fruit basket the other day, and it worked great as a table centerpiece

Clint rose to the occasion and fixed the entire meal. I did not cook a single thing! The only thing that I did was put a tablecloth on the dining room table. He did the rest. I'm a lucky lady.

our Thanksgiving table

(turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, salad, sweet potato casserole, peas, salad, red wine, and the kids favorite - Toy Story macaroni and cheese! haha)

We were also blessed by a friend who made us two pumpkin pies from scratch, as well as some delicious mashed potatoes. And Clint's work gave us a turkey as well!

Clint did a fantastic job with the turkey, and also made his grandmother's famous Sweet Potato Casserole - it was delicious!

me and my sweet benjamin

daddy and leo cuddling

Robby conked out in the bouncy seat in the kitchen.

(and doesn't he look adorable in the outfit the my parents got for him?!)

ruth with sleepy eyes

(she had just come downstairs after her nap)


My 3 week old and I snuggling after the meal was over.

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  1. what a beautiful family, and a lucky girl! :) Little turkey's stuffed too! Sweet. Thanks soo much for sharing. You look so content. Enjoy your family

  2. We missed being with you, too. Somehow, holidays are not the same when some members of the family are not around the table.
    Nevertheless, aren't you blessed with a sweet husband who also happens to be a great cook?! Your feast was beautiful.
    We love you all,

  3. I'm way behind on blog reading -- I just figured out your baby's name was Robert! haha What a precious name! And so fantastic that Clint made dinner for you, that is awesome!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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