Saturday, November 6, 2010

labor and birth photos

I had a few spare minutes this morning while nursing the baby to post some labor photos. I thought y'all might want to see a few images from the day of this little one's birth!

We had the baby at a beautiful new birth center less than ten minutes away from our house. I met my midwife, Lisa, at Harvest Fest last year. The birth center had a booth introducing themselves to the community, and their booth was right next to mine! Lisa and I became friends and when I found out I was pregnant, I met with her and decided to use her as my midwife and deliver the baby at the birth center. (All my other births had been at a hospital)

our room at the birth center

Clint resting his feet against the birthing tub that I did most of my laboring in

(the midwives had not put the liner in it yet or filled the tub)

smiling between contractions

things are starting to get serious!

working hard

leaning on Lisa for support and prayer
(this picture was taken a couple of contractions before the pushing stage)

just born!
both baby and mommy are glad to be together

daddy holding baby for the first time

proud parents all settled in the bed now with baby
Hope you all enjoyed a little peek into our little one's birth-day!
We praising God for a safe and special labor and delivery. We truly felt His presence with us in that room and throughout the whole process. And we really did feel all the prayers of our family and friends. God is good!


  1. what a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing! you are such an amazing woman! I wish I could have my baby in a birthday center like this!

  2. yeah love it!!! thanks for the photos :)

  3. Seriously beautiful - thanks so much for sharing!!!

  4. SO very beautiful. Is there anything like the smells of a newborn baby? I think not....

  5. What a truly intimate moment of strength and endurance of a woman's body doing what He created it to do. Magical and awe inspiring every single time.

    Thank you for opening your precious and private moments to all. Congratulations on the amazing little angel.

  6. What an awesome place to have your precious little one!! Thanks for giving us a look into the labor and delivery, how wonderful :-)

  7. Beautiful! Good job, mama!

  8. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable and sharing your pictures. what a wonderful day.

  9. All of the pictures are great! I'm fascinated by the one of your husband with his feet kicked up and his ipad in hand. Hilarious! You guys are pros!

  10. Oh how wonderful and what a beautiful baby. God's blessings on all of you; thank you for sharing the birth.



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