Friday, November 19, 2010

five things i love friday - sleep edition

Last night was a LONG night. Baby Robby just didn't feel like sleeping much. And all Mommy could think about was sleep. So, this morning, I am daydreaming of sleeping. One of these days, I will get to sleep in - like when I am fifty. haha... Give me grace, Lord! Meanwhile, I am praising Him for coffee.

So, I thought it only appropriate to make today's edition of Five Things I Love Friday all about sleep. Enjoy!


  1. Sleep is a grand thing! I love my bed! Thank you for including my print in your blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Tish - The Twitterpated Toad

  2. Thanks so much Lora for including me on your wonderful blog! I am ready to get back in bed :)

  3. I wish I lived closer to you so I could come over, sweep up your kids for dinner so you could squeeze in an extra 3 hours or so. Poor mama! Praying for a weekend where EVERYBODY sleeps in at your house!



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