Friday, November 5, 2010

first day at home

My sweet mother in law is here for a week to help out while I recuperate from the birth. I have been ordered by my midwife to stay upstairs in my bedroom for at least two days to rest. So, baby and I are enjoying our alone time together for a couple of days. It's so nice to just rest and focus on this little one that has already completely melted my heart. He is so sweet and has such a gentle spirit.

Here's a few pictures from the day:

Please pray for Clint and I as we talk and seek to hear the Lord's voice concerning the name for this child. We will be talking about it over the next couple of days and are so excited to see what God shows us about the destiny and calling for this precious life!

I have been so blessed by all of your sweet comments on my post from this morning! Wow. I feel so loved and covered in prayer. Thank you so much!!!


  1. i love you!! and i love your new bundle of joy! :)

  2. NatalieY.10:15 PM

    I am so excited to hear his name... and what you hear for him, as you and Clint pray together! What a special time!! Enjoy these few days!! Love you, Lora!

  3. Congrats! He is gorgeous!

  4. You are beautiful!!! I am so excited to meet your new little guy - soooo excited!!

    love you!

  5. Awww, what a sweet little face. Enjoy your rest time together. I am excited to hear what his name will be!

  6. you look so much more at peace. :) Hes such a big guy, one more pound than my biggest. I am also excited to hear the name of this cutie. I am praying for you each day. The gift of a name is a blessing. Bless you this day, and may you get some rest, and enjoy him thoroughly.

  7. Will be praying for you as you seek to know his name! What a blessing.

  8. I love it that you are leaning on His wisdom in naming your beautiful boy, and not naming him out of popularity according to lists'.

    He is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. You look great! And that baby boy is precious!



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