Monday, November 15, 2010

father and sons





Wow. FOUR BOYS. I am blessed. I love these pictures of Clint and the boys. I took them yesterday. It was originally going to be just of Clint, Joseph, and Robby. But, then, Benjamin wanted to join in. And Leo followed soon after. Four boys with their daddy. What a beautiful sight.


And just cause I think he's so darn cute, here's another one of my sweet Joseph holding his "new" Rescue Hero action figure I picked up on Saturday at a yard sale for $1.00:

what a cutiepie!

Have a great day, everyone! My parents are in town this week for a visit to love on the new baby and enjoy their other grandkids as well. It'll be a fun week! Today, Benjamin is bringing his grandma and papa for show and tell. :)


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  1. Diane4:02 PM

    I absolutely love these photos. Believe it or not, I can well remember when Clint was the age of each little guy here. Cherish this time with will go by so fast. Love, Diane



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