Sunday, November 28, 2010

bouncy seats and ABBA

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My friend Danielle gave me this old bouncy seat the other day, and it has been a total lifesaver! We had a fancy one with a battery-operated aquarium thing on top of it, but the battery pack, which doubled at the seat base, kept falling off. So, Danielle, came to the rescue and gave me this old one. It's very simple, but boy, does Robby love it!! He's already spent many hours in it quite content, either napping or just looking around. It's funny how kids usually love the simplest things. We spend all this money on fancy contraptions and toys, and they end up being fascinated with things like a big cardboard box! haha...
Here's a few photos I snapped of the baby yesterday as he was relaxing in his new bouncy seat.

And another thing that this baby boy loves? ABBA! Clint's been watching him a lot these past few days so I could have much needed time alone, and he's reported back to me that Robert LOVES the music of ABBA. It calms him down almost immediately! Funny, huh? He is definitely his father's son.

Here's one of his favorites:

Were you dancing along? I love that song! And I have some sweet memories whenever I hear it. When Clint and I first got married, he used to play that song super loud when I was trying to wake up every morning. I had to get up pretty early those days because I had long drive in rush hour traffic to my job in Atlanta. Most mornings, when I was in the shower half asleep, I would suddenly hear the happy sounds of ABBA singing "Dancing Queen". My hubby knew that that would get me going and wake me up! :)

Have a great day!

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  1. I love "Dancing Queen"! It's the only ABBA song on my ipod. And I love bouncy seats...plain & simple. They're good for napping, laying around while the kids play, and I even used it when I would feed them their first baby foods. Robby is so cute and so sweet! You are blessed!

  2. so precious! what a little bundle. i hope i can meet him soon. love you,f riend!



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