Monday, November 1, 2010

vintage towel happiness

The school that Clint teaches at (as well as where my two oldest boys attend) had a big yard sale on Saturday to raise money for their school gym that they want to build. I took the kiddos over Saturday morning to support the school. I was so pleased to discover a box full of vintage hand towels! I am a sucker for these! I love the fun colors and designs in vintage towels that you just cannot find anymore in modern towels. I was able to pick up some that I just couldn't wait to wash and photograph for the shop. I listed two of them today. Here's the photos and links:

Vintage Kitchen Hand Towel - Retro Lemon Lime

Aren't they fantastic? I know they will make someone's kitchen and/or bathroom look retro-fabulous! :) (and yes, I did just say "retro-fabulous"! haha!!)


I also found a few other fun vintage towels, but could not sell them in the shop because they weren't in excellent condition. That didn't bother me a bit - I knew there was still lots of life left in them around my home. So, after washing them, they were immediately put in my powder room and kitchen!

beautiful chartreuse green hand towel in my powder room

(i love the chartreuse against my aqua blue walls)

and i love this adorable powder blue towel with the fun strawberry print!
doesn't it look cute hanging on my oven door?!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! I am looking forward to Joseph's 2nd birthday today! We will be having a little family birthday party for him this evening. I'll post pictures tomorrow...



  1. lovin the orange towels, and strawberries are cute! Glad you had some fun!

  2. the strawberry towel is so sweet.

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

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