Sunday, October 3, 2010

stories from my booth - part three

it's always exciting for me each year to see my "eager hands" sign!
(you can also see a little bit of the vintage fabric garland i made to hang in front of my booth)
here's a pretty good shot of my booth. I had three tables and put them in a U shape. I covered all the tables with chocolate brown twin sized flat sheets. I also used some fun chartreuse green cloth napkins to add a pop of color. As far as jewelry display pieces, I used what I could find around the house and borrow from friends. Most of the pieces are vintage. I laid necklaces on antique plates, bowls, or trays. I also used some iron pieces and a framed corkboard to hang necklaces and earrings on. I was happy with how it all turned out. Clint also laid down a khaki seagrass rug. That made a big difference as well.
(my hubby snapped all of these photos of my booth for me. i forgot my camera all three days, so i didn't get to take any other photos. sorry for no close up photos of the new necklaces that I made for the conference. you know if I had remembered to bring my camera, there'd be LOTS more pictures! haha)

I borrowed that amazing iron tree display from my friend Kaitlin. And that black earring display piece is actually a recipe book holder that I borrowed from my friend Susanna!

Here's a little shot of the iron baker's rack I had in the front of the booth. It held all the handmade knit baby blanket/baby hat sets that my mom made for my booth. (she wanted to sow into my business/ministry) Isn't that sweet? If you're interested in any of them, I have about six or seven sets still available, in all different colors. Email me if you want more information! They're only $20 for the set!)
ps-sorry for the unflattering shot of me in the background - Clint took the photo while I was eating my lunch. haha...

there - that one's a little better. :)
I sat at the table most of the time, making jewelry while people came in and out of the booth. it was a nice, shady spot.
Now, for the good stuff! Here's a few more "God-stories" from my booth that happened on Day Two and Day Three:
One lady came in the booth and went straight to a particular key necklace that I made the night before (I kept having to make more necklaces every night, because I sold so many during the day that my tables were looking sort of sparse! - a good problem to have!) Anyway, she picked up that necklace and asked me what the Lord was showing me when I was making it. I got to share with her the story. On this certain key necklace, I dangled a beautiful irridescent bead from the key. I felt like the bead represented the glory of God. And I also was struck by the sparkling quality of the glass - it really reminded me of a disco ball! As I was sharing that with her, she got tears in her eyes. She received prayer the day before at the conference and the pastor praying for her said that He really could see the glory of God all over her! And then, she said that her husband has told her the night before that he really felt like it was her time to dance again (she had danced in the past before, but had stopped). That disco ball bead really did serve as a confirmation to her from the Lord that it was her time to dance before the Lord again and bring glory to Him! So cool!!!
A big, tattooed man came into my booth one afternoon. He looked like the kind of guy that drove a big Harley motorcycle. I was immediately intriqued as I watched him look around at the jewelry because almost all of the people who came into my booth during the conference were women. I felt like I was just supposed to be quiet and let him look around for a bit. After about 5 minutes, He came up to me with tears in His eyes, holding a simple key necklace. It was a small antique key that used to be for a jewelry box. It was dangling off a simple long ball chain. He told me that when He saw it, the Lord told him to buy it and give it to his father. He told me a little bit of his story. He had a pretty bad relationship with his dad growing up. His dad recently got saved, and this sweet man was trying to reach out to him and continue to work on their relationship. I had the opportunity to pray for him right there in the middle of my booth. And as the tears fell down his big, strong face, my heart melted. It was precious.
The verse I kept hearing from the Lord while I was making that necklace, which I called Treasures in Heaven, was Matthew 6:19 and 20, which says, "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal." I was not surprised that Lord drew him to that necklace for his dad. What could be of more eternal value than investing in a relationship between a father and son?! How amazing...
Last year at my booth, a woman came in and bought a little fleece baby blanket to give to a friend of hers who had recently had a stillborn. We prayed over that blanket that God would anoint it so that when that woman held the blanket, it would bring comfort and healing to her heart, and help her through the grieving process. Well, that woman who I prayed with came into my booth this year to tell me that her friend had recently given birth to a health baby. Talk about coming full circle! That news really blessed me!
Another sweet lady came in to find a necklace for her daughter who is going to Europe soon to play basketball for a special league. She was immediately drawn to a necklace that I made that morning. It was a stamped pendant that said "FAITH". As I was packing it up for her, I noticed that I had not hammered the pendant flat after stamping it (sometimes the stamping process can create a "wavy" look to the metal). I was in a big hurry that morning, trying to knock out several new pieces for my booth. I was embarrassed and told her about the wavy effect on the pendant, in case she hadn't noticed it. Her response - "When I noticed that, I thought it symbolized "don't waver in your faith", and that's what I loved about it!" And the waves also symbolized her daughter going across the ocean to Europe! I love that kind of stuff! God uses everything, even the things that we think are mistakes!
Sorry this is such a long post, but I really wanted to write down all the neat things that happened in my booth while they were fresh in my memory! Hope some of these stories blessed you and encouraged you in your faith.
I have one more really neat thing to share, but I'll save that for tomorrow's post!


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories. Think of all the "threads" that God weaves to bring together a person and a necklace. Awesome!

  2. Lora, thanks for sharing these stories. They brought tears to my eyes, especially the one about the blanket for the mama of the stillborn baby. God is amazing, and how he used you to be part of His plan for that woman and every tiny detail of that situation fell into place, to allow her to come back to your booth this time and share the story - incredible.

  3. Don't you just love the way God arranges everything to happen just at the right time....down to the smallest detail ! ! You worked so hard to have everything ready and sacrificed sleep and rest in the process. Now look at how your efforts have blessed everyone who bought your treasures and how we are blessed to hear the stories behind them all. Thank you.

  4. Loved reading all these stories! God is so good!

  5. The stories were great! Appreciate you sharing what the Lord did! Once again your blog encouraged me!

  6. I always love reading your stories. From the first time that I read about you and your husband laying hands on your supplies until now reading your stories, I always get the chills (the holy spirit kind) and I look forward to reading all your stories. I love hearing how God works through people. You have such a gift and you have such a blessing through and over your business. Thank you for sharing with us!



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