Friday, October 8, 2010

simple (and beautiful) way to decorate with vintage fabric

One of my favorite bloggers, Annalea, from ourhartbeat, bought some amazing 60s fabric from my etsy shop last month. I am always inspired by her flair for decorating and for life in general. She lives it with such grace and beauty. (And she makes wonderful paper banners! Remember this one that I bought from her several months ago? It's in my kitchen. Here's a link to her etsy shop - go check it out!)

here's the fabric she bought from my shop - isn't it awesome?!

and here's annalea's gorgeous living room
can you spot the fabric?

there it is! what a brilliant idea!! she simply framed a piece of it and rested it on top of her fireplace mantle. i love this idea!!!

i love the mix of all the bold blues, greens, golds, and reds
Go take a peek at the rest of her house. She's got several photos of it in her most recent post. I love the way she decorates, especially with mixing vintage and new pieces. And her use of color is so amazing. She's so inspiring!
Have a great day, everyone! I've got an appointment with my midwife in a little bit. Hopefully, the baby has gotten into head-down position!


  1. What a great idea to frame some beautiful fabric - thank you for sharing!
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  2. What a lovely idea, looks great.



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