Sunday, October 10, 2010

new boots

I went to my friend Danielle's big yard sale yesterday morning. She and her husband are raising money to adopt a little baby from Ethiopia. (If you would like to help them out, you can make a donation via a link on her blog)

I found some great little treasures at her sale. The boys took home a big box full of Hot Wheel racing tracks, etc. They played with it non-stop all day yesterday! I found some cute post-baby clothes for me and some sparkly gold shoes for Ruth. You should have seen her face when I gave them to her!

Danielle's next door neighbor was also having a yard sale, and I was so excited to spot an awesome pair of leather cowboy boots. And what's even more amazing, I tried them on and they actually fit! (I have a really hard time finding shoes that fit me - I wear an 11!!!) I think they are men's boots, but they look feminine to me with the swirly stitching detail... And the best part of all - I got them for $5.00!!! What a steal. And you can tell that they are really expensive boots made of high quality leather. I've been wanting unique boots to wear for a long time now, so I was so thankful to have found these at such a great price! Thank you, God!!

So, I felt super cute this morning at church in my dark denim maternity jeans, long sleeve stretchy shirt and paisley vintage scarf around my neck. Those boots really completed my fun fall outfit. Here's a couple pictures of the boots. What do you think?

And I had to include this next photo because it made me laugh. The weather had warmed up during the service, so I was really hot after walking back home from church. My cute fall outfit only lasted a couple of hours :( ! I changed into an airy short sleeve top and was sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for Clint to come downstairs to take us all out to lunch. As I was sitting there, I thought to myself, "I have to take a picture of this so I can remember how big my belly actually got with baby #5!"

So, here's a picture of what I was seeing as I looked down - the very tips of my new boots. My belly was totally in the way of the view of my feet! haha...
It won't be long now!
Have a great rest of your Sunday afternoon!
(The majority of my house is napping right now, and I am trying to catch up on some internet stuff and house-cleaning...)

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