Friday, October 1, 2010

stories from my booth - part one

Yes, I am writing this post at 2:46 am. I was asleep in my bed, but I am wide awake now. Lots of sleepless nights lately for this lady. I guess God is just getting my body ready for those middle of the night feedings that will be coming soon to my house.

I was going to set up my booth for Harvest Fest on Wednesday night, but it was really rainy. Clint and I decided to wait and just set it up last minute on Thursday. It was a stretch for me to do that, being such a planner. But, I was willing to just wait and trust the Lord to help me to get it all done. When we arrived at the site this morning about two hours before the booths opened, my booth had been reassigned locations. And when we walked over to the new spot, we were both amazed at how much better this new location was! God knew all along, and He saved me from having to set up my booth twice. I was blessed! And best of all, my booth is right near the food tents and the bathrooms! (that makes this very pregnant mom happy! :) )

The first day of the festival was really good. I was blessed to be able to pray for many women and share my heart with them through such little things like necklaces and baby hats.

Here are some of the highlights from Day 1:

*one lady was instantly drawn to two necklaces in my booth. i asked her to tell me the scripture reference on their tags so that i could read the bible verses to her. both necklaces had to do with JEWELS, specifically "jewels in His crown" and "as a bride adorns herself with jewels". Turns out, that woman's name was Jewels. Unbelievable. She was almost in tears as she received the Lord's love and wooing right there in my booth.

*another lady was led right to one of my favorite pieces, the Adornment Necklace (remember when I blogged about it
here?) When I read the scripture to her, she started getting teary eyed. The scripture was all about a bride, and the Lord's been speaking to her lately about giving her another husband. Her husband died a few years ago, and God's been taking her through the grieving/healing process since. (The pendant also has some gold leaves on it, and leaves always speak to me of healing (Rev 22:2) ) This dear woman was so encouraged and bought that necklace to remind her that of the promises that God has been speaking to her heart.

*I also got to give a sweet lady a little knit baby hat to hold onto as she prays and waits to become pregnant for the first time. It will serve as a tangible reminder when she holds it as she prays and asks the Lord to give her a child.

*A girl came in and was looking at this beautiful necklace with a large silver sparrow pendant. I showed it to her because she had a tattoo on her arm of a sparrow that was almost identical to the pendant. She really loved it. There was another woman in my booth at the same time who was watching us and that woman gave me the money for the sparrow necklace for that girl! They didn't know eachother. That woman just wanted to bless that 19 year old girl. It was precious to be a witness to that.

So, overall, it was a wonderful day, full of ministry, prayers, and sharing my heart and my gifts. I was blessed.

I am looking forward to Day 2. I am sure there will be lots more people there, as it is Friday and the weekend to gearing up. I know God has some wonderful experiences planned for me. :)

Now, if only, I could get some sleep!!! Help me, God, to go back to sleep soon. My body is so worn out. I am really feeling my pregnancy now.

Hope everyone who reads my blog is sleeping peacefully now as I type this. You can read this post in the morning when you get up.


Quick prayer request - Pray that it won't be too too hot Friday at my booth. I was super hot and sweaty on the first day. I am definitely wearing a dress, and not jeans like I did on Thursday. Maybe that will help! But I am praising God that the rain went away and it was sunny and nice all day!


  1. What wonderful testimony about God's provision. I pray it continues to go well for you.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Lilies Lockett necklace!

  2. NatalieY.6:53 PM

    Awesome, Lora! I can't believe you were up at that hour though! I hope you had a great day today too... It was SO NICE to get to visit you TWICE!! ;-)

    Love you!

  3. Thank you for sharing about the way the Lord is using your crafting! I love that you are so focused on being used to bless others, even as you bless your family with your "vineyard."

  4. I love all your Harvest Fest Stories. That place will always hold such a special place in my heart! Love you!

  5. Fantastic news. What a blessing you are to SO many!



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