Saturday, October 16, 2010

my baby shower

I was blessed to have a wonderful baby shower today! My friend Danielle offered to throw me one a few weeks ago. Several friends gathered this morning at Lydia's house to celebrate this new life that is coming into the world soon. We had a sweet time together! It was just what I needed. I felt so loved and was well prayed over!! My heart is full, and I feel a new energy and excitement for these last few days/weeks. I know that God will give me all the grace that I need to finish this pregnancy strong.

happy mama (37 weeks)

the delicious brunch

(homemade pumpkin/chocolate chip cake, cookies, muffins, bagels with cream cheese, grapes, and cheese & crackers)

cutting into Susanna's amazing cake

opening gifts
i was blessed with lots of sweet presents and several packs of diapers


susanna with baby olivia

lydia and danielle with baby malachi



prayer time has begun!

feeling so loved and supported by my friends' prayers and words from the Lord

my favorite picture
isn't this amazing?!

olivia all bundled up
(i just had to include this one - so adorable!)


  1. I love that photo of the hands.
    I can imagine how special that moment was for you. So happy someone gave you a little shower....
    In my day, there were no showers other than for the first.
    Kind of sad in a way.

  2. you look beautiful, nd your friends are so wonderful, how very very blessed you are:)

    more prayers comin your way,


  3. i wish I could have been there too! My hand was on your belly in spirit! Love you!

  4. What precious godly friends the Lord has given you.

  5. A shower of prayers, the best of gifts.

    Love the pics.




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