Thursday, October 21, 2010

lessons from my six year old

I learned a lesson from my six year old this morning.
Yesterday was an extremely hard day for me. I cried off and on for the whole day. Mostly pregnancy related stuff. My body's so sore and my hormones are all over the place. And waiting is hard. Right after I put the kids to bed last night, I started having contractions. They were coming about 8-16 minutes apart. I had them till about 1am. I was trying not to get excited, but deep down, I thought that I might be starting labor. It was a long night as I laid in bed, in and out of sleep, slowing accepting that labor had not come. So, this morning, I woke up feeling discouraged. Silently hoping and praying that today would be a better day.
When I came downstairs, groggy and limping around, I was greeted by my precious six year old, singing a scripture. He's been learning Bible verses at school, and the teacher makes up little songs for each scripture to help the children memorize the verses. He sang that little song over and over as he ate his bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. And as he sang, my heart began to melt.

There is power in the Word of God.

(And sometimes, as mothers, God has to use to our little ones to get our attention.)

this is the scripture that he was singing this morning. i put it up on my fridge to remind me throughout the day of God's Word over me

singing his song to the Lord this morning

love that cheesy grin!

he asked me if he could do a funny one
(in his words, "can i do a move?")

no truer words

So, today, I will do my best to heed the advice of my son.
I will have a song on my lips.
I will hide God's word in my heart.
I will not give up.
I will not lose my faith.
What's the lesson your children are teaching you today?


  1. Our Father is so kind in giving us the comfort of His Word in unexpected ways. Bless Benjamin's heart! Let the Word speak peace to you today.

  2. I love when kids remind us of the important things! I hope you are doing better today. According to your floating baby down there (on the page) -- you are 15 days away. I hope it is smooth, however many days it is!

    Oh yeah -- and I finally took the plunge and opened up my etsy shop! I need to add more items to it, but it is a start!

  3. so very sweet, so very true. My 6 year old Ben sings trust and obey, for theres no other way to be happy in jesus, but to trust and obey. Yeah, my kids teach ME! Praying for you. Joy will come:)
    blessings, christina

  4. This morning Asher gave me one of those long, clingy hugs. Every time one of my kids does that I think about how big they will be one day. It reminds me that childhood is but a split second, precious moment and I should cling to it as long as I can. Now I am weepy too!

    Praying for you during this "laborious" time.

  5. There is a time to be "born" and a time to die...! I remember walking around the block and washing my dads floors over and over again....and now I know why Kamdyn came at the time she did! You know it but the Lord is so good!

  6. Im not sure why it say's Vintage Baby....but thats me Lacy Ferrell!!!



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