Sunday, October 31, 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow

Joseph will be two years old tomorrow! Wow.. time has flown by. I took a little video of him this morning while he was in his high chair eating breakfast. I wanted to show y'all his head full of blond wavy hair. Clint will be giving him his first haircut tomorrow on his birthday. He's going to look so different! I think it'll be good for me to see him looking like such a big boy - it will help the transition with the new baby coming. I have to say though, I am pretty sure that I will cry when Clint cuts that pretty hair. (It's sort of a tradition for us to cut our boys' hair for the first time when they turn two)

In this little video, Joseph is banging his tray like a drum. And then, he sticks his peanut butter covered finger into the camera lens, so I had to stop the video short. :) Isn't he cute?!!

On a pregnancy note, I am a little bit sad today. I really thought I'd have an October baby. (And I guess, there is still a small chance that that will happen, but time is running out...) So, once again, God is teaching me about trusting and waiting on His perfect timing.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!



  1. I don't know....November is a nice month for birthdays! I have 2 of my girls who have November birthdays...Krystal will be 29 and Gina will be 35!

  2. my birthday is Nov. 28th:) Yes, His timing is best. Praying for you. Soon, soon, youll be holding your beautiful babe.<3

  3. Can't wait to see our big boy tomorrow. Will we recognize him? He'll be gorgeous, I know that much. Hair or no, he's our darling.
    Grandma Carolyn

  4. Diane8:53 PM

    Love that little guy ! ! !

    When Clint was much younger than Joseph, and being fed in the high-chair, he banged on the tray wanting me to feed him faster. I could not shovel the food in fast enough for him.....such a little pig :) :) Diane

  5. wow! a birthday and a haircut. big milestones for a little guy.

    last october, i felt the same way. i really thought enxo would be born in october and was a bit sad when the month turned. i learned so much about patience and God's timing. praying for a comfortable last few days and a healthy delivery!



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