Sunday, October 24, 2010

cookie jars and contractions

I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Baking always relaxes me. And so does eating large amounts of cookie dough. :)

My Ruthie broke my favorite cookie jar, this vintage green glass one, the last time I made cookies. So, I am sad to say that the majority of the cookies I made yesterday are on my kitchen counter in a piece of foil.

Last night, while I was having some pretty strong contractions, I searched around on etsy looking for a new cookie jar. Somehow, cookies taste better when they are inside a super-cute, vintage container. So, here's some of my favorite picks. I'd love your opinion as to which one I should choose. (Remember my kitchen is painted a mustard gold and I've got avocado green and red accents...)

Vintage Libbey of Canada Cookie Jar by retronoir

Which one is your favorite?
I just got back from church. My husband stayed home with the kiddos so I could go by myself and spend some much needed alone time in worship with the Lord. It was really sweet. The first song was one of my favorites. The chorus was,
"You are good and You are faithful.
You're the rock I will cling to
Your word is strong enough to finish
everything You said You'd do..."
I sang those words over and over again and God filled up my spirit with more faith and trust in Him, especially in these waiting days. It was good. God showed me that all these contractions that I've been having over the past week are all part of His plan. They are getting my body ready for the big event. And they are dilating me little by little over time. All of this will help me when the real thing comes. He's heard my prayers this whole pregnancy for a quick and easy birth, and I know that He is working it all together for my good. My job is simply to trust Him. And to remember that He is a good God.
God is good - ALL THE TIME.
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far. When Clint comes home from church, we are all going out to lunch! I'm excited for a family outing. There won't be many more of those left with just the six of us. Soon, there will be seven!!


  1. I love the green 1970 vintage cookie jar(the first picture). It looks like it would fit right in your kitchen!

  2. Countryside or daisy.

    And you are 100% right the cookies do taste better when they come from a cookie jar.

  3. buttery daisys!!

  4. The clear one simply because it's much easier to see when more cookies need to be baked!

  5. Diane8:03 PM

    I'm torn between #3...but then the kiddos can tell how many cookies are left...and #4...I love the colors...the little house and flowers on it...great detail. Love, Diane

  6. Diane8:05 PM

    Correction to Diane's post...I meant to say #4 and #5 instead of #3 and #4 :)

  7. buttery daisy's first, then the last one. happy choosing!

  8. Anonymous9:51 AM

    the last one is by far the cutest!



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