Saturday, September 18, 2010

yard sale finds & a little "before and after"

Clint brought home some treasures yesterday afternoon. He stopped by a yard sale on the way home from a meeting, only to discover some amazing vintage wicker bar stools and an antique art-deco dresser.

I was pretty excited because I knew the kids would love having their own seats at the kitchen island. Before now, we've only had one bar stool at the island and it seems like there was a fight every meal time because everyone wanted to sit up there. So, now they all have their own seat! And the height is just perfect for them. The stools are in great condition. The only thing that needed to be changed was the fabric on the seat cushions. I couldn't wait, and went ahead and recovered them last night. I cut up a tablecloth that I already had on hand. I really love the finished product.

Oh, and one more thing - Clint got these beauties for just $5 each!!



Ruth's already enjoying them. Here she is this morning grabbing an apple for breakfast.

And here's a couple pictures of the amazing art-deco dresser that Clint picked up as well. He paid only $15 for it! It is so pretty. I had secretly been wanting another dresser, especially before the baby came. I had asked God for one, but hadn't talked to Clint about it. And, look how good God is! He gave me one! And it's way more beautiful than what I thought I would be able to get! It's going to go up in our bedroom so we'll have more storage for our clothes, plus the new baby's clothes.

i love those little legs!

and that hardware is so cool - very mid-century!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. LOVE those stools!!! I have some placemats of that pattern. did you give them to me?! i made a pillow out of one!!
    love the dresser too! very vintage:)

  2. Wow ! ! ! Those stools were MADE for that space...they fit perfectly and the fabric is beautiful. They look so "at home" if they have always been there...good work..Clint and Lora. I know the children love having their own stool. Diane

  3. the dresser/chest too ! ! ! Diane

  4. How awesome!! You spoke to the Lord and He spoke to Clint- very cool! You picked such a cheerful print for the stools! Love it!!

  5. oooh, nice find! reminds me i have to recover my kitchen chairs.
    i have a new linky blog you can link up your handmades if you wish:

  6. Wow. What awesome finds! I absolutely love the stool fabric you used and the dresser is so nice. I can't believe he only paid $15 for it. I'm so impressed he likes to go yard saling. That's awesome.

  7. The stools are perfect! I love the new seat material. What fun for the kids to have their own stools.
    Also, the chest is wonderful. Clint has a good eye for value! He really know what you like, too.
    Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer!

  8. Lori -I LOVE those stools! Beautiful work, girl! :-)

  9. The benches are gorgeous - I love the new covers - and the chest of drawers is beautiful!

  10. what great finds!

  11. I particularly love the dresser. Something about mid-modern is really exciting me these days :)

    Visiting from Nester's party.

  12. great dresser! love those legs and hardware...reminds me of the piece i stumbled upon that i didn't get nearly as good a price as you guys did! oh well. popping in from the nesters party.

  13. Those stools are amazing!!
    Found you from the nester. :)

  14. Amazing finds! Great dresser for the price, I recently saw the same one for $600 at an antique mall! Praise God for providing!



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