Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lessons learned from a silly youtube video

I watched this youtube video today. It's of a sweet little girl dancing her heart out. Then, a few join in and dance her dance with her. Then, a few more, then a whole lot more... And her dance, tumbles and all, was copied and shared. And everyone was filled with joy in just being like a child.

I thought to myself, "How often do I try to "correct" my child's mistakes and tumbles and wipe their pudding-covered faces (like I did earlier today when Ruth and I shared our chocolate pudding cups together)?" I realized through this silly little youtube video that I should take the time and just sit back and let my children be children. Let them make mistakes. Let them learn from them. Let them be free to dance and fall down and have fun in the imperfection of it all.

And, then, I should take my own advice and not be so hard on myself either. Give myself permission to fall down and get right back up again and keep dancing my silly dance.


  1. i loved that!! so cool, thanks for posting that

  2. That is a lovely video,thanks for sharing. I learned the same- i need to let my kids to be kids and stop correcting them all the time, and you know what-they are doing well now,can recognize they own mistakes and correct by them self. It is great to watch kids when they are having fun.

    Have a lovely day. And i am looking forward to receive my items ( can't wait to see them : ))



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