Sunday, September 12, 2010

my beautiful princess

After bathtime last night, I let Ruth pick out what she wanted to wear to bed. She pulled out this adorable little pink corduroy dress with gingham ribbon ties. You should have seen her face when the dress was on. She felt so beautiful - you could just tell. Then, she asked for her "crown" (aka headband). She stood there for a good minute or two, just admiring herself. It was precious.

I took these photos at breakfast this morning. She kept saying, "beautiful dress... beautiful princess!"

I love my girl!!! It's going to be quite an adjustment for me if I end up having another girl. I think it's a boy, but I definitely could be wrong! Ruthie's been my only girl for over three years now, and I have loved dressing her up and being "girlie" with her. I am trying to make the most of my special times with her in case we are at the end of being the only girls in the house.
Have a blessed Sunday!!


  1. Oh,she looks so lovely.
    Pink looks really good on her.
    have a lovely week to you and your family



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