Sunday, September 19, 2010

miss olivia jean

My close friend Susanna, who had her fifth child a little over a month ago (and her fourth girl!!), came over the other day for a bit. She had to run upstairs for a minute and needed to put the baby down. Normally, I would hold her, but since I haven't been feeling well the past few days, I didn't feel comfortable holding Miss Olivia Jean. So, we found a nice and comfy place to put her sleeping baby - my giant laundry pile on the couch, of course!! :)

I had to get my camera out and snap a few pictures of this adorable scene. The mountains of clean clothes waiting to be folded didn't bother Olivia one bit!

i love her little nose! what a cute profile she has!!

and you know I love baby feet. i mean, who doesn't?!

look at those baby blues!

And remember when I took some belly shots of Susanna way back in April? We thought it would be fun to recreate the shot to get a before and after! I love these!!

The light was so pretty up there on my landing at the top of the stairs. I just had to snap a few more of mama and baby.
the look of a mother's love
(and can i just say, isn't susanna's hair just gorgeous? look at those ringlets!!)

my absolute favorite shot!!
(Susanna's husband, Ryan, is a really talented musician. He just released a new CD. It's awesome! You can listen to songs from the CD here. (My favorite is called "Who is this King?")
Taking all of these photos of Olivia really made me want to meet my baby! I am getting more and more excited each day to see what he or she looks like. And I can't wait to discover if the baby is a boy or a girl. This whole pregnancy I have thought I am having a boy, but lately, I have been thinking about having a girl. It would sure be wonderful for Ruth to have a little sister! Ultimately, I can rest in the fact that God knows what's best for our family and for me and more importantly, for the world and for His Kingdom! Either way, this child is already loved and cherished deep in my heart!!
ps-please pray for me to feel better! I have gotten the cold that Joseph had a few days ago. I was up in the middle of the night for a couple of hours, not able to sleep, and just plain feeling yucky. Clint took the two oldest boys to church and I am home resting with the babies. (Joseph's still got a little cough). Anyway, I really need to get my energy back because I have a million things to do in the next week and a half to get ready for Harvest Fest! Thanks so much for your prayers!!



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