Saturday, September 4, 2010

leo's 5th birthday

Well, we had a fun time together yesterday for Leo's 5th birthday. It was a quiet morning. The kids watched a new Go Diego Go dvd that came in the mail from Netflix. (Leo's really into that show right now). Then, Leo helped me make his birthday cake. While it was cooling, Clint and I took the kids to a fun Latin American mall that's up the street. They have an amazing 3 story tall kid's play area. The two oldest boys played in there for a good hour and then we all went into the arcade that's right next to the play area. We also had lunch there. We had a great time there - we always do! And Leo loved it!

We came home and decorated the cake. Then, we had a little family party (minus Joseph - he fell asleep in the van on the way home!)

Here's some photos of our party around the kitchen table:

the handsome birthday boy!

his cake - isn't it happy?!

i think he likes it! he's concentrating very hard on his eating right now

Ruth was so excited! She loves birthday parties....

the only shot I got of me and Clint - at least you can see him! haha...

Leo with his new pillow from mommy. I made it out of the cutest Go Diego Go fabric I ordered off of etsy

opening his presents...
Here he is with a Diego toy that my mother-in-law got for him. Do you see the little birthday button he's got pinned onto his shirt? I ordered it off ebay. It is so cute! (It's got the WonderPets on it and says, "Happy 5th Birthday, Leo!")
We had a fun time together as a family. I had thought about throwing an actual birthday party with lots of his little friends over at the house, but I just didn't feel up to it. I really think he loved just being with his mommy and daddy and brothers and sister. It was a small, sweet party, celebrating his five years of life!
Thank you, God, for the gift of Leo!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I've got lots of sewing ahead of me. I stayed up late last night and put together three patchwork quilt tops. I am making cute baby blankets to sell at Harvest Fest, the conference I am having a booth at in a few weeks. So, today and tomorrow, I plan on sewing the quilt tops all together and then sewing them to soft flannel backings.


  1. NatalieY.12:30 PM

    It sounds like a wonderful birthday day for Leo! I will tell Josh what Leo ended up getting to do. ;-) With 4 kids to celebrate birthdays each year now... I haven't been 'up' for big parties with their friends either. We have started a family tradition of having the day to just celebrate each child on their birthday, as a family. Letting them choose how we all celebrate them that day. They each love it and it is really special for us as a family! ;-)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!!! WE miss you! What a special day!

  3. Birthday parties with the family are so special! Looks like everyone had fun!

  4. FUN! Happy Birthday!

  5. that cake does look happy! as does your whole family. happy birthday to your leo!



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