Friday, September 24, 2010

date night on the lake

My sweet hubby took me on a wonderful date last night. Another teacher at his school owns a boat and offered to take us out on the lake last night with him and his wife. We went with them two years ago when I was pregnant with Joseph. Click here to see photos of that night.

Here's some photos of our time on the lake. We rode around for a little bit enjoying the breeze, and then we stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and ate our dinner. We finished the evening with more time cruising around the lake, watching the beautiful sunset and harvest moon in the night sky.

the happy couple, enjoying their time out alone with no kiddos!

my cute husband
(doesn't he look handsome with his grey hair?! I love it.)
I took this photo of us when we were speeding along pretty fast on the water

the beautiful sunset

i really love this picture
the light was almost gone, and we were moving pretty fast along the water
the end of a wonderful day
We had a great time! And when, we came home, my sweet babysitter Shelby wouldn't take any money! She said she'd just come by my booth next week and pick out a necklace or something. I love that girl!

Have a great Friday!!



  1. You are looking so pretty Lora!

  2. aw, how fun! I remember when you did this a few years ago! You look so beautiful!

  3. NatalieY.7:47 PM

    Wow... What a dream night! I am so happy you enjoyed it... I love the pictures!! Love you, sweet friend! You look beautiful and I am so excited to meet your newest addition SOON! ;-)



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