Sunday, August 8, 2010

life in the country

Here's a few random shots from our trip to South Georgia last week:

Ruth all dressed up and playing in the pews before church starts. My in-laws go to a very small country church, so the members were so happy to see all these kiddos running around!

i love this shot of the oldest three sitting together

Papa giving Joseph some sweet tea

hmmm... i don't know what he thinks about it!

the absolutely gorgeous sunset in front of their house. this picture really doesn't do it justice!
the sunset reminded all of us of heaven.
(that's a cotton field neighboring my in-laws property)
Grandma and Papa enjoying their youngest grandchild
We had a great time visiting them! But, I must admit, it's been a little difficult adjusting to life back here at home. Things are so much simpler out in the country where they live!
Clint let me sleep in this morning and took the oldest two to church. I am here with just Ruth and Joseph for a quiet morning at home. I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days. I am about to enter my third trimester, and boy, do I feel it! My body is not like it used to be! And I have been super emotional/hormonal lately. I hope that things get a little easier in the next week or so.
One neat thing - I got a rush of energy last night around 10:30 suddenly, and I sat down and made six new necklaces for my booth at Harvest Fest! I felt so productive!! I am starting to get excited about my booth. It's always a wonderful week of ministering, sharing, getting to know new people, and flourishing creatively... I know it will be a blessing!!
OK, gonna go put my feet up now...

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  1. Ya gotta love country churches! That sunset is spectacular!



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