Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the girl behind the shop - "make mine blue"

I am starting a new feature on my blog called "The Girl Behind the Shop"! Every other Tuesday, I will focus on one etsy shop that I love. I will be interviewing the shop owner and then sharing their interview here with pictures of the shop owner, their studio space, and some of my favorite things up for sale in their shop.
The first shop I will be highlighting today is Make Mine Blue. My friend Jenn is the owner. I can't say enough good things about this girl. I admire her for so many reasons. She is an amazing mother, wife, and friend. She is so creative, and the things she makes are always beautiful! Her love for God is so pure and inspiring. And her shop is one of my favorites!

Jenn, the girl behind the shop

1. How did you come up with your shop name?

I had 2 baby boys at the time that I started my shop and so everything that I owned was blue! And all of the things that people were making/giving me were blue, so I thought it was appropriate!

Jenn's studio space

(she's so organized! look at all those cute bins of fabric in her bookcase...)

2. How long have you been making things with your hands? How did it all begin?

I started making things when I was in high school, about 12 years ago. My mom is a seamstress and used to make all of our baby clothes, then quilts, then prom dresses. I was inspired by her creativity and how you could make things out of simple pieces of fabric or even old bed linens! She taught me how to use a pattern to make a sundress for myself, and it took off from there. I began making blankets for my friends and since then have been sewing my little heart out!

Pink Toile Hobo Bag

3. What kind of things do you enjoy making the most?

I enjoy making bags the most. I think because they are cute AND functional, and I'm all about being functional and practical with the things that I own.

Circle Patchwork Quilt

4. What is most fulfilling to you about creating things?

The whole process is fulfilling. Taking something formless and making something useful and pretty makes me feel productive, like the woman in Proverbs 31. I especially enjoy re-purposing things. Recently a made a really cute handbag out of an old skirt. It turned out great and made me feel very eco-friendly. :) (recycling!) Another reason I create things is to support my son, Rowan. He has autism right now, and the proceeds from my shop go to help pay for his treatments.

Blue Swirls Daisy Handbag in Designer Fabric

5. How do you connect with God while you create? What kinds of things does the Lord show you while you create?

When I'm creating things, God reminds me of how I began; as a piece of clay ready to be formed by my Maker. I started out as nothing and became this creation that He loves so much! And that He can use! Also, I usually pray for whoever will own the project I am working on, that the Lord would bless them and meet them. Sometimes in the busy life of a stay-at-home mommy of 4 kids (ages 4 and under!), it's hard to find time to commune with God,but I can always count on doing it while I sew.

Happiness is Flowers - Reversible Large Hobo Bag

Jenn has lots of other adorable bags, pillow covers, and handmade goodies in her shop. And she has graciously offered to give a 20% off discount to all my blog readers! Just mention "eager hands blog" in your note to seller at time of purchase and you will receive a 20% discount refund back to your paypal account! Sale on now through Friday.

Thanks, Jenn, for sharing with all of us a little bit about yourself and your creative process!


ps- if you have an etsy shop and would like to be featured on my blog as well, please email me and we'll talk!



  1. thank you Lora!!! YOu are sweet :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading about this amazing woman. Her purses are beautiful.



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