Saturday, August 7, 2010

day at the lake

When we were at my in-laws last week, we all went to the lake for a family reunion. My father-in-law is one of ten children, and all the siblings get together each summer on their parent's wedding anniversary to remember them and have a good time with all their children and grandchildren.

Here's some pictures of the kiddos and Clint at the lake:

daddy helping ruth into the water

benjamin on the dock

leo in the water with his cousin tyler
(isn't this picture hilarios?)

sweet ruthie

joseph in the car ready to drive home
it was HOT out there on the lake - like in the 100's...
he was a trooper..
he looks happy to be in the air conditioned van with his cold juice

sleepy eyes...

ruth reading her care bear book

so serious...

i love that little face!
Have a great Saturday!

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