Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the art of imaginative play

I found Ruth playing with her castle the other day. She had set up her two little ponies just outside the castle. I'm sure in her imagination a big story surrounded the scene.

As I snapped this photo, I thought to myself, "I wish I could be in that purple castle. I wish I could ride on that pink pony."

I just realized her shirt matches the castle.

sweet girl

wonder what she's thinking about...

Do you ever wish you could just run away? You know, just escape from the craziness of life and go live in a purple castle? You could wear a long flowing, princess gown. Put little braids and baby's breath in your hair and ride a pink pony in a field of sunflowers? I know I've thought a lot about that the past couple of days...

I love my kids. I really do. But lately, being a mommy has been very hard. My children are going through a screaming phase. I mean, screaming all day. If they don't get their way, they scream - you know, that high pitched, bloody murder kind of scream. And they feed off eachother. If one starts to do it, the others tend to follow. And I don't like it one bit.

Two days ago, it got so bad, that I locked myself in my laundry room and cried on the floor leaning against my washing machine. Mommy gave herself a time out. It helped - a little.

I think I need to practice some more of that "imaginative play" that my children are so good at. You know, telling themselves little stories out loud as they play with their castles or their trains. Maybe it would help me escape a little.

Even better, I need to imagine what my life will be like after this life on earth. Because, in reality, I really am a princess. A daughter of the King. And in heaven, I will see myself as I really am. I will have full clarity. I will understand the Why. Everything will be explained. I will see the fruit of my labor. And most of all, I will be with HIM. And we will dance around and ride ponies alongside the castle walls. And I will fully love and be loved.

So God, take me out of my reality and bring me into Your Reality.



  1. i know the feeling... and alot of times it feels like i am the only mother going through it... but we ARE NOT ALONE! God give us the grace to get through these hard stages!...praying for you!

  2. You are brave girl. I can't stand screaming and howling and it usually results in a time out. Particularly if it occurs during hair brushing. The crying in that tiny bathroom with the sound reverberating off the walls. Ugh!

  3. Shawn McDonald
    "Have You Ever"

    Have you ever wanted to be someone else
    Have you ever wanted just to be someone
    Have you ever wanted to reach your dreams
    Have you ever wanted life to be more than it seems
    I have tasted of a love so wide
    That it stops all my time
    I have tasted of a love so deep
    That it blows my mind
    Have you ever wanted to reach up and touch the sky
    Have you ever wanted to pack it up and say good-bye
    Have you ever wanted someone to care
    Have you ever wanted someone to be there
    He is sweet, He is sweet
    What your looking for
    Is my sweet, sweet Jesus
    What You're looking for
    Is my sweet Lord

    I look forward to reading your posts ever day. :)

  4. I'd say one of the best things you could do is have a longer time out. Leave the screamers with your husband and just hang out with a girlfriend for the evening and come back after the kids are in bed. My husband and I agreed that Monday nights if I feel I need to, is my night to run away for awhile. It leaves me ready for the rest of the week and is really helpful because I know I have at least one night to look forward to when the times get tough.
    Sending prayers your way, Lora.

  5. Fabulous post! There are definitely times of despair in this parenting journey. Keeping the end in sight and fiercely holding to God's promises gives me encouragement! The training aspect of being a mom is so difficult at times but we know that God will be faithful and will lead us in the right way!

  6. NatalieY.4:06 PM

    Awwww... Lora. I am so sorry it has been so hard lately. I love you and am here if you need some escape time or to run away with me for a bit! ;-) Praying for you, friend! I emailed you today too.... Hope to spend some time together soon, and REGULARLY would be good! Love you!

  7. Hello. I know the feeling. But like one of the posts above says -maybe you can have one eve out every week or anything where you could be without kids-and because of other baby on a way -i think you need a bit of a space for your self .
    Hope things will be good soon.

    PS. My fabric got here yesterday morning-and i love it,thanks for extras-gorgeous!!!!
    Love Aija xxxxx

  8. this post is so bittersweet. it is so hard to be a mama when kiddos act like this. you are doing great - time outs and all - and God will bless your heart for them. my entire summer has been very similar and i am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. love and prayers your way!



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