Thursday, July 1, 2010

tour of my bedroom

My hubby and I have been tweaking our bedroom a little bit. We've lived in this house almost four years, and our master bedroom has been sadly ignored. So, over the past week or so, we've been clearing it out and simplifying it. I am really starting to actually like it now! In fact, the other night, I actually came upstairs and watched a movie on my laptop while I sat in bed and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate. That was a first since we've been in this house! It's my desire that my bedroom will really become a place of refuge and a sanctuary for me and for my husband. Slowly, I am seeing that dream become a reality.

this is the main part of the room. there is a wall of tall bookcases that you can't see, as well as a recliner and a vanity. it's a pretty large room, so it has been a little difficult making it "cozy"

this is my little personal space. it's my favorite part of the room. all my special things and mementos to make me smile

i got this charming vintage painting several years ago at a garage sale. it's always made me smile

my dresser. the mirror is a family antique on my husband's side. the yellow roses were given to me when i first had joseph. my jewelry is in two pretty bowls: the one on the left was an anniversary gift from clint. the one on the right is a vintage find. and see that little red pottery cup? we used that in our wedding to take our communion together as husband and wife. :)

my absolute favorite picture of Jesus. i love the expression on His face. in fact, I've taken this picture to the hospital for all of my labors. it's been my "focal point" to help me through contractions. and that shell was given to me by my pastor's wife when I was a little girl

i picked up this antique bench at the foot of my bed a few years ago at an estate sale. and i love the old quilt on my bed. it's beautifully faded and super soft.

we've had this antique piece over our bed ever since we got married. we got it at an estate sale. i think it was originally used as a garden decoration/trellis. i love it. (i like to think of it as our shield of faith!)

isn't that quote fabulous? this is one of the many treasures we have resting on our bookshelves

another group of treasures.
that little wooden painting of Jesus was given to me as a graduation present from one of my favorite college professors. he was an athiest, so this special gift was really meaningful to me, because i knew that he had seen what my heart was all about.
the wooden box holds some old pieces of jewelry, etc that i've kept since i was a child. it also holds the antique lace hankie that i carried under my bouquet when i walked down the aisle.
the teacup/saucer was my grandmother's. my mom gave it to me when my grandmother passed away.

and lastly, a pretty antique pitcher and basin. it's cracked and the glaze is coming off in places, but i still adore it. and everytime i look at it, i smile because i remember how clint and i got it. we were on a little bed and breakfast weekend away (before the kiddos came). we spent a lot of the weekend antiquing and when we found this, we had to get it! trouble was, we had been riding our bikes around the small town. so, i had to ride my bike back to the bed and breakfast holding the pitcher in one hand and the bike handle in the other. (clint rode his bike holding the basin). it was quite a sight to see! and a miracle that we didn't break either of the pieces! :)
So, that's the grand tour. Hope you enjoyed peeking into my little space. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your space beautiful and give you peace and comfort. My room is filled with things that bring back special memories of loved ones. What could be better than that?
I am thinking about painting the room, or at least the one wall behind the bed. Any suggestions for the color? I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Your room does look restful - I love the laughing Jesus too!

  2. love the tour but especially the laughing Jesus, how delightful!

  3. I love it!!! You have done so much with it!

    I think you should paint the wall a buttery yellow or a mint green.

  4. Hi Lora! Your bedroom does look peaceful and like a retreat to me, too! I agree with the design principle of keeping things simple. Our bedroom is that as well. For color on your walls, I first thought you should make your headboard wall a deeper color than your other three,to provide some depth to the large space. And I'm not sure why, but the color name that keeps coming to mind is Amber. I think it would go really well with the woods in your furnishings and the brown of your carpet. Thanks for the tour! It was fun...Georgianne

  5. Lovely tour! Your room is so peaceful and quiet. I especially like the antique pitcher and basin. My mother has several of those and I always admire them. Since the room is decorated in earth tones I would go with a soft yellow or maybe even a warm beige for your wall. Can't wait to see what you decide!



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