Saturday, July 3, 2010

singing in labor

My midwife told me about this little video yesterday at my 22 week prenatal checkup. We talked awhile about the importance of worshipping while in labor. And she encouraged me to sing and worship the Lord when I am in labor, especially during the really hard parts (like transition). I am excited to see what God shows me this time around, and I am confident that I am going to experience Him in a new and powerful way as I bring my fifth child into the world this fall.

This video is of a woman in labor who is singing Psalm 23 with her husband playing the guitar. It is amazing. Lisa, my midwife, told me that the woman is in the transition phase of her labor. You can see her grimace a few times, but other than that, she seems completely focused and at peace. And can't you feel the presence of God in that room?!

Oh, God, that's my desire!!!


  1. I love this video. I saw it before I had Joseph and it was so encouraging. It's amazing what we are able to endure when we are resting in Him! Praying that the Lord will reveal more of himself to you during this exciting season in your life.

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! I remember when in labor with my son it was the closest to God that I had felt in a long time. I'm hoping to have a home birth next time around and would love it if my home church, (even if its just the ladies) can be there to support me.

  3. Diane3:34 PM

    Lora.....WOW ! ! ! I can see you doing this so go ahead and choose your song. Clint might need some practice on the guitar :) This is a touching it ! ! ! Love, Diane

  4. This is amazing! You really can sense God's presence in the room. I've heard other women say that singing and worshiping in labor really helps get you through it. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. you are an amazing mother! and the fruit of your womb is BLESSED!

  6. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Wow...I cried! This is amazing!! -Lacy Ferrell

  7. That was AMAZING!!
    Everything was beautiful about
    this video, including the colors
    of the room :^)

  8. somehow I missed this first time around; it's beautiful and think all babies should be so welcomed into this frosty world.



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