Tuesday, July 20, 2010

on the porch with his grandma

I've been meaning to post these pictures for several weeks now. I took these of my mom and Joseph at the beach. The two of them were sitting together on the front porch. I love these photos so much...

Aren't those sweet?!
In other news, Clint and I got to go out to the movies last night! It was a last minute decision and I was able to find a babysitter who would trade me for jewelry. She picked one of the necklaces on my shop (the sparrow one). Me and the hubby actually went to two different movies that started at the same time. I know, sounds crazy... But, I wanted to see a girly movie and he wanted to see a guy movie. So, this was the solution for us. It actually worked out great. I really love to go see movies by myself anyway. And Clint came in and sat with me for the last five minutes of my movie after his got out. I saw the Tom Cruise movie "Knight and Day". I loved it. (I don't care what all the reviews say!) It was a great spy/action film, with a sweet romance in the mix. And I still think Tom Cruise is just the cutest! And it was pretty clean, too - no sex scenes, very little bad language. An all around good film!
If you think about it, please pray for me to feel better, too. I've been suffering from an upset stomach for a couple days now. I think the mexican food I had on Sunday afternoon set it off. I haven't been quite right since.... Anyway, I'd appreciate your prayers!!
Have a great day, my friends...


  1. Diane8:55 AM

    How sweet ! ! ! I love these ! ! My turn next week ! ! !

  2. Adorable pictures!
    What movie did Clint see? We actually go to separate movies all the time. We have been criticized about it, but it works in our marriage. We have so many other things to share!



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