Saturday, July 24, 2010

my first dress!

I've had this amazing vintage knit for a few months now. I found it at a church rummage sale. I love the colors, the great retro print, and the softness of the fabric. I thought about selling it, but the longer I held onto it, the more I wanted to keep it for myself! So, yesterday, I got up the courage to try making my first dress. I patterned the dress after my favorite dress that I wear all the time. It took me about 2-3 hours off to make it, and I am pretty proud of myself. Granted, it's not perfect! But, it fits me (and my belly) pretty well, and more importantly, it's super comfortable! A great dress to wear around the house... or out on the town!

Here's a few pictures...

isn't that print awesome?!

front view
(i put a little burgundy t-shirt underneath it)

side view
man, look at that baby belly! (I'm 25 weeks along now, by the way)

Just wanted to share!!



  1. Lora, that's amazing! I am so impressed. I am dying to try clothing. I've been wanting to for months but just haven't found the courage. You're so inspiring!!!

    You look GORGEOUS by the way. So beautiful.

  2. Very pretty! When I learn to sew I'd like to try skirts and dresses....

    Thanks for sharing! You look lovely! :D

  3. wow, great job on that! and the belly ;)

  4. Wow! Impressive. That looks great.



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