Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my cat Lester and vintage kitchen canisters (in that order)

I had fun the other day snapping these photos of our cat, Lester. (He was named after Lester Flat, a great bluegrass singer many years ago.)

I love the light streaming in through the windows behind him. It really makes his eyes glisten and sparkle. He's such a nice cat. :)

And Joseph just learned to say his name yesterday. How cute!

Lester's resting his head on my pregnant belly.

what a pretty face

look at those eyes!
And I wanted to show you all these fantastic kitchen tea/coffee/sugar canisters I recently found for the shop. Aren't they great?! It was pretty tempting for me to just keep them, but honestly, I've run out of counter space in my kitchen! Maybe there's room in yours...

Fantastic Vintage Tea Canister - Avocado Green with White Daisies

Set of Two Vintage Canisters - Sugar and Coffee - Retro Gold

My two oldest boys are at their very first Vacation Bible School this week. They had a great first day yesterday! This morning, Benjamin came and woke Clint up excitedly saying,
"Daddy, wake up! We need to get ready to go to PBS!"
Isn't that hilarious?!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. What a sweet kitty! lovely canisters too!

  2. i loved how our boxer, Marlee, would rest her head on my belly while I was pregnant. She'd fall asleep just resting there. It made me feel like we were all bonding :)

  3. Lester is so cute! And I love his name. It's so cute that he rests his head on your belly. He is already bonding with the new baby!

  4. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Just had to say that I too named my cat after Lester Flat! He was a beautiful silver point Siamese who passed away three months ago at the age of 16. When I had just gotten him as a kitten and was driving home with him, Lester Flat & Earl Scruggs were playing on the radio and I loved the name....so Lester he became! He was the most loving and wonderful cat and I miss him dearly.



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