Saturday, July 17, 2010

daddy's big surprise

Clint worked on a fantastic surprise for the boys this week! While they were at VBS each morning, Clint painted a giant mural of a train (James, to be exact, for all those who know about Thomas the Train...). Benjamin and Leo were SO EXCITED that first day when they came into their room to find a gigantic outline of one of their favorite trains!

These photos were taken about the third day into it...

look at Benjamin's face - pure joy!

watching Daddy's every stroke

i love this picture of Clint!

I took this one this morning. He added some yellow accents. He's almost done. He just needs to finish some more areas with the black paint.

This was an easy and fun project to do! Clint printed out a picture of James on the computer. Then, he printed that out onto a transparency. Then, he projected the image onto the wall with an overhead projector. It was easy at that point to just paint the outline with black paint. Then, fill in with colored paints, and you're all done! Oila - instant mural!!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Diane7:17 PM

    That's great ! ! ! Did not know Clint had such hidden talent. You might want to hide the leftover paint in case Benjamin and Leo might decide to add Gordon, Percy, Emily, Edward or James :) Diane

  2. AWESOME, what an amazing daddy! I just love it. Our boys would be so jealous.

  3. I love this! You're boys must be so happy to have this up in their room!

  4. Absolutely AMAZING work! My boys would be so jealous. . .



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