Tuesday, July 27, 2010

busy day!

I've been working non-stop since 10am on my shop stuff. Yesterday's shop sale was pretty successful, so I spent a few hours this morning ironing fabric, packing orders, and printing out shipping labels. They are outside the door now waiting for carrier pickup. Whew!! That's a relief. I finished before the mail came!

Lots of housework to be done as well... I am trying to pace myself.

I'm going to go eat lunch now. The three youngest are down for their naps, Benjamin is playing, and Clint is going through paperwork.

I still need about $50 to reach my personal goal for the B&B Getaway with Clint this week. Pray that I'll reach it! I really want to have this time with Clint alone before the baby comes. It would be so good for us!!

Clint and I on our last overnight trip alone (that was almost two years ago!!)

That's the update for me...

Have a great afternoon!


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