Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wordless wednesday - summer break has begun for my schoolteacher hubby!

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  1. Corina5:54 PM

    Wow, you have summer break already? i hope that you have summer weather too, cause we absolutely DON'T have any;) really, it's cold here (for the weekend the forecasts say it's gonna be 14°C, which is half the degrees we normally have around this time in june!!!) and it's raining heavily right now. maybe you heard about the flood in france - it's comming to us. not as much rain as it was in france, but we have some regions that are flooded too, and some roads that have changed to rivers now ;)
    but at least we have good news at the world cup of soccer, you probably heard about it. switzerland beat spain 1:0, thats phenomenal!!! a reason to be proud of our team (we don't have many other reasons for that ;))!!! we wrote history, it's 118 years or so ago that switzerland won a match against spain!!! wow =)
    *yawn* i should go to bed now, its almost midnight here. btw, have you got my letter?
    be richly blessed!!!



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