Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the word stands forever necklace

I just listed a new necklace in the shop. This one is one of my favorites. It features a gorgeous vintage pendant that has dried flowers pressed into it. So beautiful!! My mother-in-law found this unique piece for me in an antique store in south Georgia last month. She is always on the lookout for beautiful vintage pieces that I can incorporate into the jewelry I make.

The Word Stands Forever Necklace

isn't that pendant just amazing?! I've never seen another one like it!
"The grass withers, and the flowers fade,
but the word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8

I just love that scripture. How incredible that when God speaks, that word lasts forever! That is such a comfort to me, especially during times of trial or uncertainty. I can rest in the knowledge that my God's word to me is eternal. It's unchanging. And nothing - and no one - can thwart or stop His plans for me. Thank you, Jesus!



  1. That scripture has gotten me through many many a tough time! Thanks for piecing it with an incredible necklace :)

  2. very cool

    love that verse



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