Wednesday, June 2, 2010

kindergarten graduation

I just got back from a wonderful morning out! Benjamin had a little graduation ceremony for his kindergarten class. Their teacher, who is amazing!, went to great lengths to make a very special presentation for the children and the parents.

She decorated the stage with a "Narnia" theme. It was beautiful. The kids recited all their pledges, sang patriotic and worship songs, and prayed for soldiers abroad, our President, and our nation.

Then, all the parents sat in amazement as the children recited a bible verse that corresponded with each letter of the alphabet! Twenty six scriptures all from memory! It was quite impressive!

isn't that backdrop gorgeous?

what a cutie!

waiting in his royal robe

The children walked across the stage and then their teacher "knighted" them as princes and princesses. It was so sweet. She prayed and asked God to release them into their destinies and callings. So touching...

all the princes and princesses

proud mommy and daddy

like father, like son
Benjamin loves his teacher!

Prince Benjamin standing next to the school mascot (the Christian Knights)

can you tell I love my son?!

I am so proud of my firstborn. He is so smart and always wanting to learn and grow. I know that God will take him far! I can't wait to see what God uses Benjamin for and how he will touch the world!



  1. What a lovely way of celebrating this milestone and making it special!

  2. Oh, I love the photo of Benjamin being hugged by his teacher! You can just tell she truly loves her job, and that the kids love her.



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