Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a cute gift you can make in 10 minutes

I've got a cute gift idea you can make in about ten minutes! So easy and I love the result.

I recently sold one of my bags in the shop and I wanted to include an extra little thank you gift for the buyer. So, I decided to sew up a little drawstring pouch. I used some fabric from a vintage pillowcase. (If you cut the bottom hemmed part, you only have to sew up one side!)

I sewed a little casing for the vintage ribbon to slide through and oila... a cute little drawstring bag!!

isn't this fabric adorable?!

the perfect size to put your cell phone and lipstick in!

i also think it coordinates well with the plaid bag

and it fits perfect inside the bag, too. i love it!
These little pouches are so versatile! You can use them as a little bag to store your makeup, keys, etc. in your purse like shown above. Or you could use it to hold your glasses. Or simply use it as a gift bag for a gift card, jewelry, or any other small present. (It's a lot more economical and eco-friendly than buying a new paper gift bag!)
And, if you want to make a larger version, these are great as toy/book bags for your kiddos. You could also use one to put your yarn and crochet projects in. You could even make a bunch to use as shoe bags!
So many possibilities...
Happy crafting!


  1. What a great idea and so sweet of you to include a little extra something...

  2. great idea and i'm sure your customer appreciated it! i have a similar tutorial on my blog (from awhile back) that uses an old child's shirt. http://sosplendid.blogspot.com/2009/05/t-shirt-to-drawstring-bag-tutorial.html



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