Sunday, June 27, 2010

back from the beach

Well, we're home now! We got back yesterday afternoon.

We were with my parents, my brother Alan and his wife Sheryl and their two boys, as well as my sister-in-law Paula and her two girls. There were fifteen of us in all! It was definitely a full house!

My parents rented a beautiful beach house in Edisto Island, SC (near Charleston). This is the third summer in a row that we have all spent a week long vacation together there. (This year we were missing my brother Paula and his son Grant. They had to stay home because of some prior commitments.)

one big happy family
my mom and dad
It was a fantastic vacation, but I am glad to be home. There's nothing like opening your front door after a long trip and gazing at your own home. Such a good feeling!
We put Ruth in the twin bed in her room last night. Joseph went into her old crib, too. So, now the two of them are sharing a room. They both did so well last night! Ruth was a pro in a big girl bed. And Joseph adjusted great to the shared room and new crib. I am so glad this new arrangement is working out so well. Now, I can concentrate on getting Joseph's old crib ready for baby #5!
Clint and I have spent several hours last night and today cleaning up our master bedroom. We are taking out a bunch of unnecessary stuff and simplifying the room. It is already looking so much better! I can't wait to have my own little sanctuary. We've been in this house for almost four years, and our bedroom is the room we have spent the least amount of time decorating. So, I am hoping to paint the walls this summer and decorate it a little bit.
Have a great rest of your Sunday!


  1. Sounds like it was a great trip. I agree with you ~ there is no place like home. Have a blessed day.

  2. your beach trip looks so fun! i'm sure all those cousins had a blast together!



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