Sunday, May 23, 2010

simple things sunday

I must admit - I am not a plant person. I don't really care for houseplants. My husband, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He loves to be surrounded by plants. He loves to bring them back to life, and he believes that something will grow or bud, when it seems absolutely impossible.

Last spring, he bought a banana plant bulb at a yard sale. He was excited to plant it in the ground and watch it grow. But as time got away from him and the summer came and went, the bulb was forgotten and put in a box in our garage. About a month ago, he discovered that old bulb. Any other person would have thrown it away, assuming that it was dead and too late to revive. But not my husband. He placed it in a large olive jar with some good soil and waited for the miracle of life to happen. As he watered it and nutured it, he kept saying to me, "It's going to grow. I just know it." And I just said, "Can we move it off the kitchen counter? That big jar of dirt is ugly." haha.... (oh me, of little faith!)

Anyway, a few weeks later, we started noticing roots in the dirt, and then a little bit of green...

And as of three days ago, it looked like this:

Amazing!! And now three days after taking these pictures, two more leaves have opened. It is stunning. And now, I am happy to look at it every day on my kitchen counter.
Faith. A simple thing. Believing that something wonderful and miraculous can happen, even when nobody else believes with you. Even a little bit of faith (a tiny mustard seed) can move mountains!
Thank you, God, for teaching me this lesson through a banana plant.



  1. Love this! My husband has a green thumb too and loves to garden and baby his plants. It's wonderful to get to enjoy their hard work, isn't it?!

  2. that's amazing! i have literally killed every plant i have every tried to grow. i am trying to get the sweet zinnia flower to live that my son brought home from school for mother's day. i try, but just don't know what i'm doing!

  3. great story! 'tis the season of green and i'm loving it.

  4. ooo, its so pretty!

  5. Love how God speaks to us in the little, seemingly insignificant, everyday things in life...a dried up forgotten bulb in a box comes to life with a little tender loving care and now even pretty enough to grace your kitchen counter...God is good and faithful. Diane

  6. That is amazing!



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