Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ruth is three!

My baby girl is three years old today! My, how time flies!

Clint's going to be gone all day today so we decided to have her little family birthday party last night. It was a sweet and special time for the six of us!

i made the cake from scratch and i was really pleased with how it turned out. thanks, susanna, for the little tiara decoration! perfect for my birthday princess!

happy birthday, ruth!!

i love the look on her face here

my favorite photo of our little family party.
clint put a sparkler on top of the cake! she was so excited and surprised

opening her gifts. here's a strawberry shortcake doll!

i think she likes the cake!

and what girl doesn't need a bright pink feather boa? :)

after party relaxation time
reading her new strawberry shortcake book
(see her new princess slippers in the background?)

I've got a sitter coming in a little bit, and I am taking Ruth out for lunch. Chik-Fil-A! (I think it's just as much a treat for me as it is for her! :) )
I am so thankful that God gave me a little girl. She is so sweet and affectionate. And I love her independence and strong spirit.

Happy Birthday, Ruth!!

me and baby ruth (wasn't she a pretty baby?)


  1. She is so very cute and obviously excited about her birthday. Love the idea of taking just her out to lunch-so fun! Happy Birthday Ruth!

  2. Oh,that is so nice. I hope you had a great lunch and I wish you all the best

  3. Diane5:35 PM

    Oh how sweet ! ! ! Amazing how this little girl is so "girlish" in the midst of all of the guys and their trains, cars, trucks and other "boy" stuff. Happy Birthday dear little Ruth....we love you ! ! Grandmama and Grandaddy Rogers

  4. She was a beautiful baby and a beautiful 3 year old:)!

  5. Happy Birthday Ruth!!!


    Fun pictures with the cake too ; )



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