Saturday, May 15, 2010

recent shop additions

I recently found some awesome vintage treasures that I couldn't wait to put in the shop! Here's a few recent additions. Very seventies. Very fun!

70s Vintage Cross Stitched Motherhood Poem in Wooden Frame

close up of mommy and baby in rocker

I really love this poem. It is such a great reminder to focus on the things that really matter! Very encouraging...


And look at these two amazing retro vintage fabrics. So fun and so 70s! Groovy... :)

Hope everyone has a good Saturday night! I've got a big announcement coming!

Check back tomorrow... (ps- I'll give you a hint - giveaway!).... ok, well, that was more than a hint. haha...



  1. wow, I love that needlepoint. So true and so important to remember! That was a good find! :)

  2. Rachel C9:05 PM

    My aunt used to have this hanging in her house! Wow - memories...

  3. I started doing that very cross stitch picture back IN the 70's when I was a teenager. Oops. That gave you a hint of my age now didn't it? LOL I've always loved that and now that I have my own grandchild I've been wanting to make something with that poem on it with my embroidery machine.

    I realy like that mustard fabric too for some strange reason I cannot explain. LOVE the stripe.



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