Thursday, May 20, 2010

my thrift store find of the year

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I've been wanting to share this amazing thrift store find with you guys for the past week or so, but Giveaway Day kind of took blogging priority. (by the way, thank you so much for all your sweet comments! and I can't believe how many comments I've gotten already! Last time I checked, I was up to like 250! Wow...)

I love my fireplace. It's woodburning and my husband really loves to build fires during the fall and winter. My in-laws gave us a fireplace screen when we moved into the house almost four years ago. With four little ones running around, it got pretty beat up and some of the metal edging came off, leaving some exposed sharp metal pieces. Needless to say, we were in dire need of a new fireplace screen. I've been praying for about a year that I would find a new one for cheap. And I had almost given up hope. (They are super hard to find at thrift stores, garage sales, etc...)

Then, last week, I was over at church and discovered that they had opened up a thrift store to benefit missions. As I was browsing around, I spotted it. The most amazing fireplace screen! It is gorgeous, and fits perfectly in our living room. And it's very heavy (about 25 pounds, probably), so the kids can't mess with it or move it around! I am so happy! And the best part of all was the price - $8!!! Can you believe that? It looks brand new. I can only imagine how much it cost when the former owner bought it. Now, it really completes the room and adds that extra oomph! Thank you, God!!

i love all the iron scrollwork and leaf detail!

my Mother's Day present from Clint - i just love this antique looking piece from Anthropologie (i'm thinking about putting some tall branches or something in it - any suggestions?)

Hope you are having a great day! I am going to spend my morning cutting quilt squares and playing with my two youngest kiddos!

Be blessed today!


ps-don't forget to enter the giveaway!! you've got till 6pm!


  1. Gorgeous! i'm so pleased for you!! thanks for the picture :) hey in your little vase thing, i think some great colorful flowers would be perfect!! a burst of color! maybe reD?

  2. Gorgeous find!!! Love garage sales and thrifting-you just never know what you are going to find.

  3. Diane5:36 PM

    WOW, Lora.......what a beautiful unusual..I have never seen one like that..Love it ! ! Looks like it was made for your fireplace. I agree with you on the tall branches for the vase..seems like you need something with height since you have several other shorter things on the mantel. Maybe some of those tall and skinny straight branches. Diane



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