Thursday, May 27, 2010

lessons from little house

I was watching Little House on the Prairie earlier today. I love that show!

The episode that I watched today was about Laura and Ma. Ma splurged and bought some "fancy" fabric at Olsen's Mercantile. She spent the money that she made for that week selling eggs. It was an extravagant expense, especially considering how poor they were. Anyway, she wanted to make herself a new dress.

Her girls were having a special Visitor's Day at school that week and Laura confessed to Ma that she was scared about giving her speech. She was worried that the kids would laugh at her. That night, when everyone was asleep, Ma ripped apart her half-finished dress. She started over and made two new dresses for Mary and Laura.

It was a selfless act. We as mothers often do things like that, as usually, no one sees but us and God.

That night at the special event at the school, Laura stood up and gave her speech. And she talked about her Ma and how much she loved and appreciated her.

Ma later looked at what Laura had written down on her paper that she held while she gave her speech.

And this is what it said, in beginner's printing:

Ma is good.
She works hard.
She cooks.
She sews.

Something about that really got me. I can't get that little school essay out of my head. I asked myself after I watched the episode, "What will my kids write about me?"

I pray that it's something like Laura's letter....



  1. I loved that episode. Haven't seen it since becoming a mom, but I'm so glad you reminded me about it. A great challenge!

  2. I always watched Little House on the Prairie also. Like you I hope my life and influence on my children will be what it should be.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. i really loved this post. its funny that my sister commented first, i was so gonna tell her about this! love you friend. your kids will say amazing things about you because you are amazing.



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