Saturday, May 22, 2010

jasmine's blanket

My next door neighbor and friend Natalie is expecting her fourth child in about a month. I went to a baby shower today to celebrate the soon-coming arrival of her little girl, Jasmine. I decided to make Jasmine a fleece backed baby blanket in the sweetest rose print. I love to give these kind of blankets as baby gifts. They are perfect for nursing covers, playmats, and stroller/carseat blankets.

isn't this fabric beautiful?! i really love it!

and my tags even match her nursery (it's painted pink and brown)

her walls are decorated with bubbles, so i thought these circular appliques on the fleece backing were perfect!

all rolled up and tied with my business card and some lovely vintage pink lace

i also included one of my mom's cute knit baby hats! didn't she do a great job?! and i love her little cards that she made to go with them

And a little idea I wanted to share that I thought of today while I was wrapping up the gift:
Use vintage patterns instead of tissue paper in your gift bag! It's a great way to recycle old patterns, it's cheaper than store-bought tissue paper, and it just. plain. looks. cool.! :)
Have a blessed night,


  1. I LOVE that fabric. The blanket is just beautiful, and the hat too! I wish I was your pregnant neighbor! You are very thoughtful.

  2. What a beautiful baby blanket! How do you get everything to come out all even and perfect looking? When I have tried to make one, it looked nothing like this!
    And the hat is too perfect!

  3. NatalieY.10:02 AM

    I am SO BLESSED to be your neighbor, Lora!!! Thank you so much for the blanket and hat. I know that Jasmine will LOVE them both! We already do... You are definitely very thoughtful and very gifted!... I am thankful!! XOXOXO

  4. So pretty! You do an amazing job.



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