Friday, May 14, 2010

five things i love friday - strawberry edition

Benjamin is going to a birthday party tomorrow for a little girl in his kindergarten class. They are going to go strawberry picking! He is so excited! Then, the kids will all come back to her house and make strawberry shortcake for dessert.

We've got a strawberry field less than five minutes away from our house. It's always a fun activity each spring for us to go there. I love strawberries! (especially with whipped cream!) And this pregnancy, I've been craving strawberry smoothies.

So in honor of all this strawberry talk, today's "five things I love friday" is all about, you guessed it, strawberries! I had so much fun looking at all the cute strawberry-related things on etsy this morning. Hope you like what I picked!


  1. great finds! love that apron and the pan!

  2. Such great finds, espically love the dress.

  3. Lovely touch with the strawberry. I have to admit, I LOVE strawberries and fresh whipping cream. It's my Kryptonite.



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