Friday, May 28, 2010

five things i love friday - seersucker edition

I recently added three new listings to the shop which I am super excited about! Vintage seersucker fabric. How fun!

Seersucker is so fun and totally reminds me of summer! So, for today's "five things I love friday", I found five fantastic etsy goodies that were all made using seersucker. Be inspired!


  1. Be still my heart I love them ALL. I still remember wearing a seersucker dress that my mom made for me when a was in elementary. I loved it. I might have even worn a hole in it. ;-)

  2. Totally love that dress!
    I would never have thought of using seersucker for a summer purse, but it is lovely.

  3. Lora,
    Thank you for your great appreciation of my Spring Seersucker dress! Check back again at my Etsy site, I'm always adding more!

  4. That Seersucker dress is dreamy!



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